The NINDS 2021-2026 Strategic Plan: Overarching Principles

The NINDS 2021-2026 Strategic Plan evolved as a collaborative effort involving NINDS staff and stakeholders from the scientific, medical, and patient advocacy, family, and caregiver communities.  Its overarching principles are designed to serve the vision and mission of NINDS, long focused on leveraging its pre-eminence in discovery of the basic science underpinning function and dysfunction of the nervous system to ease the burden of patients and families dealing with neurological disorders.  These principles, discussed in depth in a new article published in Cell, are as follows:

  1. Promote scientific rigor and transparency.
  2. Continue to support investigator-initiated research to advance our fundamental understanding of the nervous system.
  3. Enhance diversity and inclusiveness of our workplace; the neuroscience research workforce; and the patients and families we engage and serve.
  4. Support innovative team science.
  5. Identify and navigate ethical challenges and implications arising from neuroscience by supporting neuroethics resources for the neuroscience community and fostering research and training in neuroethics.
  6. Increase patient engagement in all appropriate aspects of NINDS research to better address the priorities of patients and their families and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research.
  7. Ensure that the researchers throughout the neuroscience community can exploit emerging technologies, resources, and knowledge.
  8. Support the full spectrum of neuroscience research models.
  9. Develop and implement policies, staff, and resources to take advantage of data science and foster sharing of high-value data among the research community.
  10. Foster productive collaborations and partnerships in their many forms across all scientific goals.
  11. Exploit the Intramural Research Program’s unique capabilities to advance the NINDS mission.

This strategic plan is a living, evolving document.  Now almost one year into its implementation, we have accomplished and created a great deal.  As we move further into its implementation, we anticipate that our accomplishments, modifications, additions, and new insights and priorities will be reflected in the plan and will appear on our publicly-accessible website).  We hope you visit this site often and continue to help us move neuroscience forward to ease the burden of neurological disorders for all people.


Schor NS et al. (2022). The NINDS 2021-2026 Strategic Plan: Partnership and cross-cutting principles. Cell. April 28, 2022. DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2022.03.046